This is a difficult news to share. After almost 4 years of business, we have decided to close our doors.

We love this community dearly, and so believe in the mission of The Rosie Project. Unfortunately, the market did not support us in the way that we needed to keep our business open. Thank you so very much for every purchase, like, share, and word of encouragement. They are truly what have sustained us for this long. We are beyond grateful for your support. We find comfort knowing our mission was shared by many.

As we close, we encourage you all to support small businesses and military spouse owned businesses that you believe in - with your wallet whenever possible. Apologies if that sounds crass, but money is what pays the bills. Buying a shirt at Target is a drop in the ocean to a huge corporation. Buying a shirt from two military moms causes them do a happy dance (every.single.time.) and gives them the confidence to keep chasing the dream.

One of the pitfalls of social media is that it can sometimes create an image of success that is not borne out in reality. We tried really hard to achieve our goals, partly by remaining optimistic and hopeful and supportive in our posts and images. Many of your favorite small businesses may be doing the same.

xo, Jenny & Kate